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Videos and Photos

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, birthday party, or just filling the air with music, I am the DJ who can change an event from fizzle to sizzle!


I have a massive music library for any themed event whether modern, nostalgic, cultural or eclectic; and I know how to read the crowd and play the right music for the right moment. Take a look at my video compilations and you'll see how I create a festive ambiance that gets the crowd on their feet when its time to dance.

Video courtesy of Visioneer Media.

Erik Redmond-DJ Richterscale Mixing Up Some Magic
Erik Redmond-DJ Richterscale getting ready for a wedding on the beach
Erik Redmond-DJ Richterscale getting the wedding crowd to do a conga line
Erik Redmond - DJ Richterscale has great lighting and sound systems
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